S/T Out November 27th 2015


A blues driven wall of sound hits teutonic psychedelia.
"Wild Style Lion's self-titled debut album is presented by the vinyl only 12" collaboration with Kim Gordon.

The band recorded two songs with the indie-legend in Berlin after J Mascis introduced her to the band.

Dinosaur Jr. invited Wild Style Lion for their 2013 German tour and brought the band on stage for the very first time. Since than Wild Style Lion have recorded a full-length album, which will be in stores end of November 2015 on I'm Single Records.

“Light in the corner, punk-rock on the decks, spiders come crawling, the Beatles have sex…” Wild Style Lion’s 11 epic songs of love and passion gone haywire. Joseph Beuys meets Gaspar Noé, guitar noise over hip-hop beats, synthetic pads absorbed in acoustic sound scapes. The lyrics dressed in soft velvet tell stories of delusion and murder. "Vultures" is about a man shooting a lover only to be burried with a gun. "Mother" came before the Lord and is THEE mother of our universe. "No President" features various layer of J Mascis unique guitar work and can only be described as an endless Grunge-Kraut session that does not need any authority. Wild Style Lion are three members, three letters and the three colors of One Love.

Track Listing:
01. Kingdom Cum
02. Charlie Charlie
03. Mother
04. Vultures
05. Godwasinme
06. Lovewasinme feat Kim Gordon
07. Grey Sedan
08. Up In Smoke
09. No President feat. J Mascis
10. Miserable Day

11. Bonus: Grey Sedan (Kim Gordon Version)

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